Our unsung hero
On the first day of our Social Distancing Challenge Week #1, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our Executive Director, Sara Schmidt.

Since coming on-board in November, Sara has advocated tirelessly for our guest families by partnering with the children’s school counselors at the schools, accompanying them to appointments and hospital visits, and securing them the care they need to be successful (sometimes even in the middle of the night). The pandemic has not changed Sara’s dedication to her responsibilities. As an essential worker Sara shows up every day to do everything she can to help our guests stay safe and healthy.

On a personal note Sara likes to hike, read and do crafts. She enjoys chocolate milkshakes and is an expert cotton candy spinner! (And yes, that’s a slightly younger Sara on the left!)

Please send her some good thoughts and wishes as she continues her valuable work for us, and consider donating to Family Promise in recognition of her efforts.

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