This year to keep our community safe, our annual Walk-a-thon will occur virtually from a location of your choice. Walk your neighborhood, a local hiking trail, in your backyard—the options are endless! All funds raised support homelessness services provided by Family Promise of Central Connecticut.

While our 2020 “Harvest for Homelessness” walk event will be unlike our previous Walk-a-thons, each dollar raised will have the same impact!

Virtual Fundraiser Event
October 10th to 17th
Event Website:

Virtual Closing Ceremony on October 18th on Facebook Live

Use our event hashtag to connect with us! #2020HarvestWalk

Contests! Interactive Fun! Prizes!


Click HERE to download the event flyer and share it with your
co-workers, friends, and family!

Registration is FREE!

Opens: Friday, September 11th at 7pm
Closes: Saturday, October 17th at 7pm

Sponsorship Information


Corporate and organizational sponsorship opportunities are now available!

Three levels with amazing incentives starting at only $250

The first 3 (three) “Harvest” level sponsors to sign-up, get their logo on the event’s Walkers Bib! Click HERE to see a draft of the bib.
Imagine how good your logo will look on it!

Download the PDF sponsorship form HERE or register as a sponsor on the event website by clicking HERE

Interactive Contests and Activities!

This year’s walk will be more interactive than ever before! There are fun activities and contests for FPCCT supporters of all ages. Scroll down to read about how to participate in the activities and contests.

Decorate Your Walker’s Bib

bib activity

Each registered walker will be emailed a “print-at-home” Walker’s Bib to wear during your #2020HarvestWalk. Print out the bib and decorate it as you please!

Kids will love this activity! You can use stickers, paints, and glitter to customize your bib. Take pictures of your decorated bib and upload them to social media. If you don’t have any social media accounts, please email the pictures to so we can feature your bedazzled bib during our virtual Closing Ceremony!

Upload Pictures to Social Media


While doing your Harvest Walk, take pictures and share them with us on Instagram and Facebook. Use the hashtag #2020HarvestWalk

We will be featuring as many pictures as possible during our virtual Closing Ceremony event on October 18th.

Team Challenge

Gold trophy
Contest prizes are only available to walkers and teams who are officially registered for the #2020HarvestWalk on

The registered team that raises the most money for the #2020HarvestWalk wins custody of the official trophy for a year and supreme bragging rights. For more details about the Team Challenge click HERE to download the PDF flyer

Top Individual Fundraiser

donor (1)

Contest prizes are only available to walkers and teams who are officially registered for the #2020HarvestWalk on

The registered walker that raises the most money on their fundraising page on wins a gift card!


#2020HarvestWalk Walker's Raffle

All eligible registered walkers who raise at least $100, will be entered into a raffle to win a gift card! The deadline for online donations is October 17th at 7pm (Eastern). The random raffle drawing will take place during the live virtual Closing Ceremony on October 18th.

Fitness Tracker Contest

fitness contest

Contest prizes are only available to walkers and teams who are officially registered for the #2020HarvestWalk on

Registered walkers with a digital fitness tracker can take a screenshot of their logged workout they do for their Harvest Walk. Screenshots will be due on October 17th by 1pm to be considered for the contest. Email your fitness tracker screenshot to before the deadline.

The walker who goes the longest distance for their #2020HarvestWalk wins a gift card and recognition during the Closing Ceremony on October 18th.


A screenshot from the Apple Watch activity app


Best Playlist Contest


Contest prizes are only available to walkers and teams who are officially registered for the #2020HarvestWalk on

Do you have a playlist of your favorite jams that you will be listening to while you do your #2020HarvestWalk? Share your playlist with us for a chance to win a prize!

To enter, eligible registered walkers will submit a music playlist of 10 songs (must be clean with no explicit themes or lyrics). Walkers must submit a picture of themselves and their list to by noon on October 7th.

From the entries received, FPCCT staff will select their favorite 5 lists. FPCCT staff will create a graphic for each of 5 selected entries with the walker’s photo and their playlist (a sample graphic is displayed below). The graphics will be uploaded to Facebook and we will have a “like” contest. The entry graphic with the most likes/votes will be named the 1st place winner and the walker will get a gift card!

Sample graphic for playlist entry:

FakeSample Playlist